Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Uno Saga

North Harbor Marina, Petersburg
As mentioned in an earlier blog posting, Got d’ Fever was able to tow Uno for several  miles into Petersburg after being contacted by radio that Uno had a problem.  The oil filter element had separated from its bracket holder causing the engine to dump lubricating oil in the bilge rather than through the engine.  The oil pressure alarm had gone off, alerting Phil that there was a problem. 

Got d' Fever moored among the Fishing Fleet, Petersburg
It became clear that someone had installed the wrong kind of oil filter with threads that did not match the bracket holder; consequently the filter did not fit properly, loosened with vibration, and fell off.  After shutting down the engine to assess the situation, Phil was unable to restart the engine because a cell in one of the two batteries was bad. It is likely that there was not enough electrical power to hold the solenoid open (electrically controlled value) for the engine to receive fuel.  The following day, Phil purchased a new oil filter and matching mounting bracket for installation and a new battery. Thankfully Ray, the young fisherman we had met on the docks, helped Phil with the heavy lifting – removing an old battery and lifting in place a 145 lb. new battery is no easy task, at least not for us older folks. 
Beautiful Views for homes along Frederick Sound
While Phil was finishing up repairs and maintenance, Leonard and I bicycled to a community beach and park located a few miles from town along Frederick Sound. 
Lovely Park along Frederick Sound, Petersburg
We discovered that this area is where the newer homes are located, which further explains why some of the older homes in town are for sale.  The views along the ridge overlooking Frederick Sound are incredible with unobstructed vistas of the full mountain range.  
Net Shed north end of Town, Frederick Sound in distance
After returning from our bicycle ride, we checked in with Phil to see how things were progressing.  He seemed much happier and relaxed, and reported the good news that vessel Uno was purring like a charm and ready to go.

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