Saturday, August 1, 2015

Party Time at Echo Bay


A Big Tree in the Fog Shrouded Waters
We left Blunden Harbour at 8:43am in thick fog and flat, calm seas.  Visibility was poor with less than a quarter mile so we ran the radar, watching intently for other boat traffic.  I was at the helm and noticed a small blip on the screen dead-ahead, I watched to see if it would disappear and reappear, typically indicating a large ocean wave often picked up by radar.  The blip remained steady so I surmised it must be a small boat coming towards us.  As we got closer, a huge tree with its root-ball still attached came into view; birds were riding along on one end and a seal was lounging near the other end unaware of our approach.  Fortunately for us, the tree was so big that it had been detected by radar.  From Queen Charlotte Strait we turned east into Fife Sound where the fog began to dissipate among the Broughton Islands.  

Some Doggie Contestants
We arrived at Echo Bay Marina on Gilford Island at 1:30pm in time for the Saturday doggie races.  A course was set up on the dock with tempting doggie treats stuck between the boards.  Whichever dog had the fastest time from start to finish was declared the winner.  

Java Eating Every Bone along the Dock
Leonard released Java from her leash at the start line and I called Java to hurry to the finish line.  Like all good Dachshunds she had to stop and eat every last morsel of the bone treats placed along the way as did many of the other dogs.  For Java it was all about the food not about the timed event, she came in dead last but had lots of fun doing so.  
Eating the Last Bone, almost to the Finish Line
She’s been looking for doggie bones on the dock ever since.  After the races we paddled around the bay in our kayaks and discovered a new resort for kayakers with cute cabins located a short distance northeast of Echo Bay Marina.  It looks like a fun place that offers guided kayak tours.  On our way back to the marina, we scoured the granite cliffs along the shore looking for the old Native pictographs reported to be in the area.  We finally found them on the cliffs directly behind some cabins on the east side of Echo Bay.  
Pieces of a Native Pictograph Seen at Echo Bay
Although now barely visible, one can still make out pieces of a once larger pictograph colored with red ochre, the Native’s version of graffiti?  By now it was getting late and time to head back to the boat to prepare a side dish for the pig roast potluck dinner.  
Pierre's Pig Roast, Echo Bay Marina
A whole pig is roasted in the marina’s large commercial size barbeque, then sliced and served to guests who have paid for this special event.  
Family-style Dining at Echo Bay Marina
Dining is family style and each table is called up one at a time in order to manage the number of people attending this popular feast.  It's also a nice opportunity to meet other boaters and share experiences.  
Echo Bay Marina
We sat next to a couple from Arizona and another couple from Nanaimo who were interested in learning more about our trip to Mexico.  As always, everyone had something interesting to share.  
Cozy Fire Pit and Hot Tub at Echo Bay Marina
Pierre’s Echo Bay Marina is a fun destination with numerous activities scheduled throughout the boating season with different theme based main-dish dinners and games.  
Pierre's Echo Bay Lodge & Marina
A fairly recent addition is the outdoor hot tub and fire pit overlooking the marina.  Pierre and wife Tove continue to work hard making sure everyone has a good time.

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