Sunday, August 2, 2015

Peaceful Lagoon Cove

Knight Inlet
Lagoon Cove, today's stop is most likely our favorite marina in the Broughton Island Group.  With glassy, calm seas, and fields of blue seen through the broken cloud layer, we departed Echo Bay heading southwest down Cramer and Retreat Passages, then southeast through Spring Passage which eventually connects up with Knight Inlet.  

Lagoon Cove Marina on East Cracroft Is.
We arrived at Lagoon Cove around 3pm with plenty of time to prepare a hearty salad for the 5pm Happy Hour.  It was nice to see Jean again who has been caring for the marina after her husband’s passing of two years ago.  

Lagoon Cove Marina
The cute “exercise stations,” horse-shoe pits, and family-style campfire site created by her husband Bill are still favorites among the guests at Lagoon Cove; and the lawns, gardens, and trails remain in good repair.  

Happy Hour at Lagoon Cove
The newly hired employees have continued Bill’s tradition of catching prawns for guests attending the Happy Hour which is always such a delicious treat.  
Campfire Gathering Spot, Lagoon Cove
In the
 evening a story teller shared many of Bill’s humorous jokes and funny tales which have been a source of entertainment over the years.  The “exercise stations” on the grounds are a reminder of his humorous nature; the old rotary push-lawn mower station for example and the wood chopping station among other fun chores in which guests can participate.  I think what I like most about Lagoon Cove is the peaceful, quiet setting and pretty location coupled with the friendly, casual atmosphere.  
Trails at Lagoon Cove

Pretty Setting at Lagoon Cove
Lagoon Cove Marina is still currently for sale and we hope whoever buys the property will maintain its charming character while adding new attractions and services.

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