Thursday, April 23, 2015

Across the Strait’s

Johnston Strait

We left our anchorage in Forward Harbour at 8:30am on April 22nd and made our way to Sunderland Channel and out to Johnston Strait.
Johnston Strait

Winds in Johnston Strait varied from10-25 knots with sea chop of 1-5 feet, manageable conditions for Got d’ Fever.
Java at Play

Java kept us entertained by dropping her toy bone down the steps and watching her "masters" play fetch.  The seas subsided later that afternoon as forecasted; and after 6 ½ hours of motoring, we arrived in Port McNeill at North Island Marina.  The following morning we picked up supplies, topped off with fuel, and filled the water tank before heading across Queen Charlotte Strait, passing the attractive Graeme Point Lighthouse.
Graeme Point Lighthouse

We had patches of sun with rain showers and 2-4 foot ocean swells abeam at 4-6 second intervals.  We changed our course slightly to dampen the rocking motion and to avoid two Orca Whales who accompanied us for a short distance before disappearing in the deep.
Orca Whale, Queen Charlotte Strait

Another “three-hour tour” and we were across Queen Charlotte Strait making the most of a weather window with favorable sea conditions.  Conditions were fairly consistent across the Strait and improved when we neared Blunden Harbour, protected by mainland B.C. from northwest winds.  We arrived around 2pm in this well protected bay and set the anchor.
Blunden Harbour (midden beach on left)

Blunden Harbour consists of an inner bay and outer bay – a midden beach is located on the north side of the inner bay, and in the outer bay a Native cemetery with burial boxes is located on Byrnes Island.
Blunden Harbour

These sacred areas belong to the Nakwoktak Tribe.  Boaters often anchor in Blunden Harbour to wait out weather before rounding Cape Caution, aptly named for its exposure to the Pacific Ocean.

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