Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bowen Island

Got d' Fever at the Union Steamship Co. Marina

We headed out on April 13th from Vancouver on a cold wet day, dressed in full raingear so as not to get completely soaked while handling lines and fenders.  After topping off with fuel, we made the short two-hour voyage into Howe Sound, arriving at Snug Cove on Bowen Island around 3pm. 
Snow Capped Mountains seen from Bowen Island
Similar to our Bainbridge and Whidbey Islands, Bowen Island is within easy reach for Vancouverites by Ferry from Horseshoe Bay, just northwest of Vancouver.  We were glad that the following day was warm and sunny because the scenery from Snug Cove is magical. 
Shops at Snug Cove, Bowen Island
We also like the adorable village here, consisting of boardwalks with boutiques, cafes, pubs, a bakery, and a grocery store all within easy walking distance from the Union Steamship Marina. 
Attractive Boardwalks and Shops at Snug Cove
It was Captain Jack Cates who first started a resort here in 1902 and created the Terminal Steamship Company.  In 1920, Jack’s steamship and resort business was sold to the Union Steamship Company who built a bigger store and expanded the hotel.  The Company owned and operated 180 cottages, six picnic grounds, an outdoor concert stage, and a dance pavilion for 800.  Steamships carried visitors to the island for picnics or cottage holidays. 
Got d' Fever at Snug Cove Village, Bowen Island
Even today Snug Cove offers resort-style accommodations and retains its magic island appeal.  Surrounding the village and marina is the Crippen Regional Park with numerous hiking trails. We spent part of an afternoon hiking one of the loop trails past a small waterfall. 
Resident Swan
When we returned to the boat, the resident Swan was waiting for us, apparently anticipating a handout of breadcrumbs.
Resident Swan visits Got d' Fever

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