Monday, April 20, 2015

The E-Ticket Ride

Timing is always of importance when making a decision to depart Campbell River, the winds are a factor in Johnston Strait and one must calculate the time of arrival and passage through Seymour Narrows, which can run anywhere from 16 knots on the flood and 14 knots on an ebb, depending on the tide levels.  We calculated that there would be a 4 to 4 ½ knot current through the Narrows at 12:40pm, Got d' Fever would be traveling on an ebb (with the current) at about 8 knots making our “speed over ground” about 12 knots.  
Whirlpools in Seymour Narrows
Once through the Narrows and further north in Johnston Strait, we would be going against the current and faced with predicted winds of 15-20 knots in the Strait.  We made the decision to depart Campbell River and reached Seymour Narrows about ¾ to ½ hour before slack water; we wouldn’t recommend going through any earlier than that!  
Tug & Barge Heading Towards Us, Seymour Narrows
As it was, we were faced with significant whirlpools and upwelling’s.  To make things worse there was a significant number of logs and debris to be avoided plus two barges that we had to contend with – one barge going in our direction and the other barge coming from the opposite direction.  After a harrowing E-Ticket Ride, we made it through the Narrows unscathed and found the seas to be calm on the other side.  As we progressed further north the winds picked up to 12 knots and then dropped off again.  
Chatham Point
We rounded Chatham Point into Johnston Strait bucking against the current as expected, reducing our speed which varied from 7 to 5 knots.  The winds averaged only 4 knots, nothing significant as was forecasted earlier.  The sky was clear and the sun glistened off the snow peaked mountains affording some beautiful scenery to behold.  
Mayne Channel
We turned up Mayne Passage, protected from late afternoon winds, and arrived at Blind Channel Resort at 3:35pm.  It felt downright hot when we arrived, we opened the windows and put up the screens to keep out the bugs, summer seems to be upon us.

Johnston Strait

Got d' Fever at Blind Channel Resort

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