Friday, April 10, 2015

Vancouver Play Time

Lions Gate Bridge
Got d' Fever at Coal Harbour Marina

After a hardy breakfast, we departed Sucia Island on another nice day with clear skies and arrived at Coal Harbour Marina around 4pm after passing under the Lions Gate Bridge.  Duane and Gretchen arrived in Vancouver about an hour later, good timing for dinner out together at a local pub. 
The Family at Capilano Park

The following day was spent with the family visiting Capilano Park, of course we walked across the Capilano Suspension Bridge and also enjoyed the Treetops Adventure Walk, opened in 2004, as well as the Cliff Walk, opened in 2011. 
Treetops Adventure Walk
The boardwalks suspended high above in the tree canopy are quite impressive, engineered in such a way as to protect the bark of the old growth forest of Douglas Firs. 
Treetops Adventure Walk
The Cliff Walk is equally impressive, supported by cables and anchoring along a rock face with platforms extending out over the river valley below. 
The Cliff Walk
The Cliff Walk
The Capilano Suspension Bridge is now just one of several features and activities in the Park.  Still impressive, the Suspension Bridge is 460 feet long and 230 feet above the Capilano River. 
Capilano Suspension Bridge
The bridge was originally built by George Mackay in 1889 and was made of hemp ropes with a deck of cedar planks.  In 1956 the bridge was completely rebuilt with steel cables. 
Capilano Suspension Bridge
After a fun time at the Park, we drove into town for a late lunch at the Legendary Noodle cafĂ© where noodles are homemade on site, served with an exotic Chamomile House Tea.         

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