Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sucia Secrets

Mariah enjoying the Cruise, passing Clark and Barnes Islands
We departed Anacortes on April 8th at 2pm with our older two grandchildren on spring break, they will meet up with their parents once we arrive in Vancouver B.C.  We had beautiful weather and flat calm seas for the entire three-hour cruise to Sucia Island.  
Mariah and Porter on Sucia Island
After arriving at 4:40pm, we moored to a State Park buoy in Fossil Bay and quickly got the dinghy down to make use of the remaining daylight.  Java went too, of course, and was a real trooper hiking the trails on the Island, checking out the beaches, and trying to stay ahead of our younger, energetic hikers. 
Sandstone, nature's sculpture medium 
Sucia Island, a long-standing favorite, has many interesting sandstone rock formations, caves, and crevices sculpted by the wind and sea. 
Exploring the lower China Caves
The Caves, referred to as China Caves, are found at the north end of Shallow Bay and played a part in history during the Prohibition, the perfect spot to hide or smuggle alcohol into the States.  Silks, opium, sheep wool, and even Chinese laborers were all smuggled contraband at one time or another.  These caves were a favorite climbing area for our sons when they were young, a piece of history our grandchildren, Mariah and Porter, were interested to learn.  We all decided the boys had been quite bold to climb up to the highest caves tucked along the sandstone cliffs; we stood there staring up, imaging the dare-devil duo. 
Beautiful Trails on Sucia Island
The Spanish were the first Europeans to explore the Island; Captain Eliza in 1790 labeled the Island on his map as Isla Sucia, which in the nautical sense means Foul Island, so called no doubt due to its many reefs. 
Sandstone Seahorse
It was a short but fun excursion for the Landon expedition, time to head back to the boat for dinner and a movie, a scene the Spanish probably could never have imagined. 
Marine State Park

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  1. The kids LOVED Sucia; you'll have to take their parents there sometime!